Not Ruf At All achieved reining's Triple Crown when
he and Jason Vanlandingham won the Level 4 Open at the NRBC.

By Kristin Pitzer
Quarter Horse News
June 1st, 2016

The National Reining Breeders Classic (NRBC), held April 17-24 in Katy, Texas, was full of excitement this year from beginning to end. The night before the Non-Pro preliminaries, the Houston area received so much rain that roads, rivers and pastures flooded, shutting down the nation’s fourth-largest city. Although the horses stalled in the Great Southwest Equestrian Center stayed dry, many exhibitors found themselves stranded with no way to enter the grounds.

But reiners are adaptable and willing to help each other out, so the show persevered with only a two-hour delay on the first day and ran like clockwork through the rest of the week. It was a sign that even bigger things were to come on Saturday evening.

After winning the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Futurity in 2013 and the NRHA Derby in 2014, Not Ruf At All didn’t have much to prove in his final yearof limited-age competition. He still brought everything he had and secured the third leg of reining’s Triple Crown when he marked a 231 for the Level 4 Open Championship.

Not Ruf At All joins Wimpys Little Chic and Spooks Gotta Whiz as the only Triple Crown winners in history. Wimpys Little Chic is the only horse to win the NRHA Futurity, NRHA Derby and NRBC in con- secutive years. Not Ruf At All’s career-long rider, Equi-Stat Elite $1 Million Rider Jason Vanlandingham, was ecstatic.

“[I feel] relieved, excited – there’s just a flood of emotions,” he said after accepting the many awards that came with the title, including a $75,000 check. “I’m very hum- bled. I’m so thankful to have a great horse, so thankful to have a great family to support us and a God that loves us and blesses us. It’s been a great day for sure.”

In a finals where the top 12 horses marked a 225 or higher, every rider was feeling the pressure. Each time a high score would appear, it seemed like only a matter of minutes before an even higher score would bump it out of place.

“The higher the scores got, Jordan [Larson] and Casey [Deary] and I were out there kind of laughing. It was getting crazy,” Vanlandingham said. “We knew that we were just going to have to go in there and just lay everything down. And every- body was, and it was working for everybody, that was the crazy thing. A lot of times when people start going that hard, wheels start to fall off, and it actually happened to me on my yellow horse [Smokinghot Hollywood] earlier. I had him slip out of lead on me.”

By the time Not Ruf At All and Vanlandingham entered the arena as the second-to-last draw, the leading score was a 230. Topping that score by 1 point, they finally walked away as NRBC Champions. Including preliminary money, Not Ruf At All has lifetime earnings of $413,038, according to Equi-Stat. His winning performances in the Triple Crown shows accounted for $302,080 of that total.

“Obviously it’s been a lot of fun!” Vanlandingham, of Whitesboro, Texas, said of his journey with the stallion. “The horse is extremely talented and extremely good-minded. He’s one of those horses that just gives you a ton of confidence because he does his job every time you ask him. It’s been awesome.

“You’re always looking for the next one that’s like him and so far, we haven’t had any luck trying to find the next Not Ruf At All. He’s definitely upped our expectations of what we want our horses to do.”

“Vinny” belongs to Vaughn Zimmerman, of Springfield, Missouri, someone Vanlandingham has enjoyed working with throughout the years.

“Vaughn’s great,” Vanlandingham said. “He and Justin [Zimmerman] both are guys that just have a lot of integrity. They’re guys that want you to have every opportunity to do the best that you can.”

But overall, Vanlandingham was grateful to everyone who helped him achieve his latest success.

“First of all, God gets all the glory,” he mentioned. “My wife, Adrienne, has been here since before we had great horses, and this business is a very tough business. She’s been right there by my side the whole way. Our four kids – Alexis, Dalton, Courtney and Emma – they’re just as big a part of this as anybody else. They’re out there cleaning stalls and working hard brushing horses and doing stuff. This is a family deal, and I’m just truly thankful to have my family.”

. . .



It's all in the mind

October 23rd, 2014

It is said that a brilliant athlete without a mind to match is a lost cause. In the competitive world of performance horses, it is the smart trainer who explores the mind of a young prospect and finds a willing and able partner. That combination becomes a winning one. That’s the case with NOT RUF AT ALL. He was a whip-smart and fantastic athlete from the beginning, and he proved himself right from his debut Championship win at the 2013 Tulsa Reining Classic Open Futurity with trainer Jason Vanlandingham. It was an exciting debut by an exciting horse who would only get better. As one fan said, “He is all heart and ability and matches it with a great mind.” Those are the ingredients to make history in the NRHA.

When the three-year-olds step up to compete in the NRHA’s most prestigious event, the Futurity, everyentry is literally that ‘new kid in town.’ Some come with illustrious breeding programs to brag on. Others have been touted by trainers as the biggest stoppers in the show. And still, owners have a lot of their own prestige, and that adds additional interest. When Million Dollar owner Vaughn Zimmerman’s entry, NOT RUF AT ALL, and trainer Jason Vanlandingham, stepped into the Oklahoma City arena for the first go in 2013, they carried all the potential in the business. Trainers enter that arena hoping they’ve got the right horse ready and willing. Jason entered knowing beyond doubt that he had it all. From the first day, according to Jason, “He came into my barn in January of his three-year-old year. He’d been well started by Bobby Avila, Jr. and I was expecting a nice young prospect who’d hopefully be ready for the early futurities and then the NRHA Futurity. That was the plan. He made me feel good and look good right from the beginning. He is such an exceptionally smart horse.” NOT RUF AT ALL is one of those rare individuals who use his mind to control and manipulate his athletic body. Jason taught him to make that connection, and it is what has made him such a great young star. “He really does ‘have it all’ in my opinion; spins, stops, rollbacks are all perfect. You can’t ask him for more ‘cause he’s already giving you everything.”

Jason Vanlandingham is one of the hot young reining trainers who have come up through the ranks. He’s only been at it since the late ‘90s and his Level 3 record includes a Championship at the NRHA Futurity, two more titles at the NRHA Derby and a long list of accomplishments at the major events around the country. When he hit Level 4, there was no doubt that this young talent was going to make headlines. Championships at the major aged events, from the NRHA Futurity and Derby to the NRBC, Tulsa and the High Roller, Jason’s name has become gold. His barn in Whitesboro, Texas, has been filled with a select number of big time horses for the past two decades. None more impressive than the pretty sorrel stallion who took up residence there as a January 2013 three-year-old. According to Jason, “NOT RUF AT ALL is owned by my friend and client, Vaughn Zimmerman. We had a plan for this colt right from the start; Tulsa, the High Roller and then the NRHA Futurity. There was never a time through his training that I thought perhaps I was asking too much. Vaughn and I knew we were on track following that first title at Tulsa. His mind, his athleticism, his heart . . . it’s amazing. He tries with every ounce of energy that he’s got.”

Keeping his client list small and his operation family driven and family worked has helped to make every horse worth Jason’s time and effort. With NOT RUF AT ALL, it was easy to look forward to working him every day. “He was so good minded. That’s the first thing I look for and he delivered it every day. I’d work to teach him something and he just got it! Not a lot of denial. Not a lot of resistance. I’d teach him something, he’d work on it with me and I never had to go back and do it over and over again. He just ‘got it’ so easily. He has such feel, and so much strength. His body control is amazing." Jason and his client protected the colt early and didn’t take him to a lot of tune-up shows. “He was such an athlete and all he needed was to get used to the arena; the sounds and people all around. It never fazed him.” So 2013 ran exactly as planned; Tulsa Open Futurity Champion, High Roller Classic Futurity Champion and then The Big One, the NRHA Futurity Championship.

Looking forward, as the earnings have gone over the Quarter Million mark, NOT RUF AT ALL has a long and healthy career ahead of him. Championship titles through 2013 made NOT RUF AT ALL a worthy competitor. It was the 229 finals score at the 2014 NRHA Derby that proved NOT RUF AT ALL was not a winner by chance, but one of those rare individuals who does his job over and over again and takes home the titles every time. The 2014 High Roller Open Derby and Open Stakes Championships were against the toughest set of competitors in the hunt. He had one of his best goes, taking home two more titles and another big check, bringing NOT RUF AT ALL the reputation as ‘the one to beat’ in the coming 2015 show season.

The ‘Championship Season’ in 2014 put NOT RUF AT ALL into a whole separate category. He had become a superstar with a fan base of mare owners. According to his team, NOT RUF AT ALL will go into the breeding barn this coming spring and then on through the major NRHA and NRBC events. “Just the three big ones, we think. He’s a strong horse with not a scratch on him, extremely sound and healthy. 2015 should be a good year for us.” How can it not be? NOT RUF AT ALL is already the highest money earning four-year old in history of the NRHA with over $300,000 earned, and why would that not be a sign of even more success next year?

Owner Vaughn Zimmerman talks about his years of experience, and unlike so many owners in the performance horse world, he is a true horseman. “I’ve been fortunate enough to breed and raised winning horses in so many different areas. I’ve had race horses, halter horses, pleasure horses and the reiners have held my interest for the longest time.” As an aside, Zimmerman owned Boonlight Dancer and took him to the Championship title at the 2001 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity with trainer Todd Bergen. “Our plan was to take him on to the NRHA Futurity. I wanted to win both those titles on the same horse. The stallion came up a little sore at the NRHA Futurity and ex-rays proved there was a chip in his ankle. “We went ahead and did the surgery, and while he was coming back, we got an offer from Polo Ranch to purchase him on a soundness exam. That exam proved him sound, and Polo Ranch went on and showed him successfully in NCHA for a short time just to prove him capable.” Zimmerman’s long history in the horse business brings with it an innate knowledge of the horses he sees and the ones he owns. “A good horse is a good horse, no matter the discipline. I have tried to see the best in all of the winners.” It was that knowledge of a ‘good horse is a good horse’ that first brought NOT RUF AT ALL to his attention. The colt was for sale through Casey Hinton and Zimmerman’s Missouri trainer, Bobby Avila, Jr., was impressed and called on Zimmerman to take a look at this colt. He did and he saw his next project. In NOT RUF AT ALL, Zimmerman saw the conformation and the great mind coupled with the athleticism that makes a true winner. The son of A Sparkling Vintage had sold to horse dealer Doug Carpenter for a modest sum as a youngster. By the time Zimmerman saw him, he was a stout, strong colt with that certain look that Zimmerman locates so well. He went home to Missouri with Zimmerman, and Avila put a great two-year-old start on him. Therein lies the tale of a relatively unknown colt turning into the biggest, baddest young stallion in the competitive arena. “I like to see any horse built to do the job he was bred to do. This colt was already built right. He has so much muscling in his hind end and down the leg. As he’s matured, he’s gotten even stronger and people tell me he has the look of a horse with double muscling in that back end.”

Vaughn Zimmerman already had a reputation of bringing young stars to the prestigious NRHA Select Sale, and had just had the High Seller the previous year. “Our plan was to take him to the Select Sale and I thought we’d top the sale or at least come very close. It just didn’t click, and I ended up paying the full commission to buy him back myself.” As time has told, a lot of experienced buyers missed the boat in Oklahoma City. In January, NOT RUF AT ALL made the trip to Zimmerman’s friend and trainer, Jason Vanlandingham in Whitesboro, Texas, and the true test of a young three-year-old: preparation for the tough competition that would come in the fall. Jason says, “Bobby put a great start on this colt, and we built on that from the first day. He was the best minded, best learner I’ve ever seen. He went forward from the beginning and never took a false step. He was amazing.”

Zimmerman tells us, “My son Justin and I have a great relationship and have become partners in this horse business. He and I own a number of really select mares together and he’s taking on a lot of the responsibilities. It’s something we enjoy doing together. In fact, we’ll have NOT RUF AT ALL foals on the ground this coming spring out of mares we own together. We’re looking forward to seeing what he’ll produce. It’s got to be good!” While RUF is just coming five, he’s already in demand as a breeding horse. According to Zimmerman, “The plan includes a select book of mares in the 2015 season, made easier because Hartman Reproduction of Whitesboro, Texas, is directly across the street from Jason Vanlandingham’s training facility. We’ll just jump him in the stock trailer, run him over across the street to Hartman and get him collected.” Considering Hartman’s reputation as a reproduction specialist, mare owners will have no problem getting them settled, even during the show season. “An interesting side to this breeding business is the amount of semen we’ll ship to Europe and now Australia. That’s exciting, to see the number of contracts coming from out of the US. Then on the other hand,” Zimmerman says, “there’s the mare owner that calls to talk about NOT RUF AT ALL, tells me how much he likes my horse, goes on and on and then says he’s sorry he can’t breed but there’s not enough ‘color’ for his program. It still surprises me that people will give up quality on every level just over the color. In my opinion, color should be the very last thing you consider.” Vaughn Zimmerman ‘walks the talk’ of a true horseman. A wise decision by Zimmerman to buy his colt out of the Select Sale made this earner of over a Quarter Million Dollars to date as one of his best ever re-purchases. The bright sorrel colt sparkled in the auction ring, and ‘there was just something’ that made him special to get Zimmerman to make that final bid and since that hammer dropped, Vaughn Zimmerman has watched NOT RUF AT ALL win more money than any other in just over one year’s time!

NOT RUF AT ALL was born with the silver spoon in his mouth. His pedigree was more than honorable; by Harper and Petra Conner’s A Sparkling Vintage, a proven son of Shining Spark, who has EquiStat PE over $8,000,000 who is out of an own daughter of Little Peppy, who is simply a legend with PE over $25,000,000. The bottom side carries another hit of Little Peppy through the dam’s sire, Lil Ruf Peppy with PE over $8,000,000. This pedigree speaks of a natural talent for reining with both sire and dam carrying the right genetics. This pedigree carries all the solid strength and quality that has been foundation to our performance horses. You’re in doubt? Just look up the second dam, Taris Vintage. That alone should be enough!

The bottom line? The foundation is laid with great ownership, a talented and intuitive trainer, and a horse of exceptional intelligence. A truly great young stallion needs to stand on his physical and mental abilities. An athlete is only as good as the trainer who connects to that mind. It truly is ALL IN THE MIND. A great trainer will find a way to share that mind, make it willing to work for him and produce a superstar like NOT RUF AT ALL. He’s got it all!


. . .




Not Ruf At All and Jason Vanlandingham

By Stacy Pigott
Quarter Horse News
September 22, 2014

The High Roller Reining Classic concluded on Sept. 20 with a large and contentious group of horses in the Lucas Oil Derby Open and Whizkey N Diamonds Stakes Open. When it was all said and done, Not Ruf At All and Jason Vanlandingham added two more major titles and substantial earnings to their records.

Vanlandingham and the 4-year-old stallion owned by Vaughn Zimmerman were the 21st draw in the 46-horse second section of the Derby and Stakes Open finals. SG Frozen Enterprise and Andrea Fappani had posted the score to beat – 223.5 – as the 10th team to compete. Vanlandingham didn’t know that at the time, though. So when his score of 224.5 was announced, he was a tad disappointed.

“I thought I would be a [2]29 or [2]30. I thought I had that kind of a run,” Vanlandingham said. “Whenever I heard my score – they’ve been pretty tight here all week –they said [2]24.5 and I went back and watched my video, I thought I must have done something wrong. But that’s the way they’ve been judging, and that’s fine, as long as they get them in the right order.”

An enthusiastic crowd obviously thought the judges did get the order right, reacting to Not Ruf At All’s score with whoops and clapping. Vanlandingham was also pleased with “Vinny’s” performance, which earned the winner’s check of $15,178.

“I had a little bobble tonight in my left-side turn, which is normally is his best way of turning. I haven’t been schooling on him at all, just let him do his thing,” Vanlandingham said. “I went in there and I drew on him like I normally do and he sucked back a little bit. But the rest was as good as he’s ever been. He circled the best he’s ever circled.”

That’s saying a lot for the horse who won the Futurity Level 4 Open at the Ariat Tulsa Reining Classic, High Roller Reining Classic and National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Futurity last year, and the NRHA Derby Level 4 Open this year.

“His mind, his athleticism, his try – his heart is amazing. He tries with every ounce of energy that he has,” Vanlandingham said of Not Ruf At All. “He just has a little extra something that most horses don’t have. He’s one of those very special horses.”


. . .



The 2013 National Reining Horse Association Futurity
Open Champion reigns supreme once more in Oklahoma City.

By Christa Morris
National Reining Horse Association
June 30, 2014

The 2014 National Reining Horse Association Derby concluded Saturday night with the $428,000-added open finals at the Oklahoma State Fair Park in Oklahoma City. The NRHA Derby show is NRHA’s premiere event for the world’s best 4-, 5- and 6-year-old reining horses. This year’s derby finals were the richest ever, paying out approximately $961,000 to owners and nominators of open and non-pro finalists.

During the open go-round, 571 entries competed for a spot in the finals with 75 of the top-scoring horse-and-rider teams invited back to Saturday night’s event. Until the very end of the finals, thousands of reining fans, watching in-person and online, were treated to exciting leader board changes. Many fans were anxious to see if one of the two past NRHA Futurity champions – Not Ruf At All and Americasnextgunmodel – would follow-up with another major NRHA event championship. In the end, 2013 NRHA Futurity champions Not Ruf At All (A Sparkling Vintage-All Ruffed Up, $220,500 NRHA LTE) and NRHA professional Jason Vanlandingham of Whitesboro, Texas, bested the field by three points for the win with a score of 229.

Vaughn Zimmerman’s stallion, nominated by Petra Zeitler Connor, won $60,000 for the Level 4 open championship ($57,000 to the owner and $3,000 to the nominator). Level 4 open division awards included an NRHA Lawson trophy, a $5,000 gift certificate from Twister Trailer, a saddle from Bob’s Custom Saddles, a Montana Silversmiths buckle, a $300 SmartPak gift card, Purina feed, a pair of Rios of Mercedes boots, Platinum Performance CJ, a Classic Equine pad, a pair of Classic Equine skid boots, $300 gift card from Pard’s Western Shop, a $100 gift card from Kyle Tack, a pad from Center Back Pads and Vetericyn.

Prior to his successes in the show arena, Not Ruf At All was consigned to the 2012 NRHA/Insurance Futurity Sales.


. . .




Jason Vanlandingham wins the NRHA'S top billing
with Not Ruf At All for owner Vaughn C. Zimmerman.

By Larri Jo Starkey
The American Quarter Horse Journal
December 7, 2013

The second was first December 7 as Jason Vanlandingham rode Not Ruf At All to reining glory.

In the National Reining Horse Association Futurity open Level 4 finals, Jason was second in the draw with the stallion owned by Vaughn C. Zimmerman of Springfield, Missouri.

“I ran him hard to his last three stops, and he hit them all huge,” Jason said. “Every time you say the word, ‘whoa’ to him, he stops like that, so I had a mountain of confidence.”

Riding pattern 10, Jason asked his horse for everything he had in the Jim Norick Arena at Oklahoma State Fair Park.

“My goal on that horse was– because he’s such a huge stopper – was to use all my energy on the stops and turns and so I ran him wide open to his (first) stop, and he just stopped huge and backed up great. He turned good both ways, and I circled him pretty, with lots of slack in the reins, and he stayed right with me everywhere. There wasn’t a time the entire night that he was a step ahead of me.”

The ride was good for a 225.5 score from the judges, and then Jason was left to wait.

“When I drew 2 (in the draw), the air went out of me, but the good thing about it was we had really good ground,” Jason said. “It was early, so the ground didn’t have a chance to get torn up. And when you mark a big score like that, it puts everybody else in chase mode.”

“Vinny’s” score held to the end, with the other horses chasing to no avail.

“He’s very cool,” Jason said. “When you’re on his back, he’s as sweet as can be. On the ground, he’s always into something. There’s not a mean bone in him, but he’s always pulling on his sheet if it’s tied to the front of his stall and things like that. He’s definitely got a personality. He’s a neat little horse.”

Not Ruf At All is a 2010 sorrel stallion by A Sparkling Vintage and out of All Ruffed Up by Lil Ruf Peppy. He was bred by Petra Zeitler of Valley View, Texas, and is owned by Vaughn, a 20-year AQHA breeder. Vinny earned $165,000 for the win, with $8,250 going to Petra.

“I’ve had him since January,” Jason said. “He came up through Vaughn and Justin Zimmerman’s program. Bobby Avila Jr. trained him his 2-year-old year.”

Vinny had $14,631.36 in NRHA earnings before entering the NRHA Futurity.

“We won Tulsa (Reining Classic) and went to Vegas (for the High Roller Reining Classic and won Vegas, so coming here, I had a lot of confidence,” Jason said. “He held up for me and it all went according to plan. The good Lord has been taking care of us this year. I can’t tell you how blessed we are.”

Jason thought about riding the stallion in one more futurity, but he got some sage advice on how to handle the stallion's career.

“Tim McQuay told me to take him home and put him in bubble wrap (until the NRHA Futurity),” Jason said.


. . .




Not Ruf At All and Jason Vanlandingham
are NRHA Futurity Champions

By Christa Morris
National Reining Horse Association
December 7, 2013

Not Ruf At All and NRHA Professional Jason Vanlandingham (Whiteboro, Texas) marked the score to beat from draw number 2 in the second section of the finals. Their 225.5 held through nearly 30 more runs and they claimed the level 4 open championship. To date, he has earned more than $31,000 including championships at the Hollywoodstinseltown and High Roller Reining Classic Futurities. The win tonight added another $165,000 to that tally, including the $8,250 nominator incentive for Petra Zeitler Connor. Not Ruf At All was consigned in the 2012 NRHA / Markel Insurance Futurity Sale. Vaughn Zimmerman owns the stallion that is by A Sparkling Vintage and out of All Ruffed Up (by Lil Ruf Peppy). Not Ruf At All’s earnings unofficially moved Zimmerman onto the NRHA Million Dollar Owner list.


. . .





By Glory Ann Kurtz
December 8, 2013

The weather outside was frightful on Saturday night, Dec. 7, but it wasn’t a “ruf “night for Not Ruf At All, a 3-year-old stallion owned by Vaughn Zimmerman and ridden by Jason Vanlandingham, Whitesboro, Texas, to the Open Level 4 championship of the National Reining Horse Association (NRHA) Futurity Open finals held at the Oklahoma State Fair Park in Oklahoma City, Okla.

The unwelcome bad weather, was loaded with sleet, hefty winds and below-freezing temperatures that closed roads and airports and was the cause of the roof of Robert Chown’s indoor arena to cave in prior to his run in the finals. Many foreigners and out-of-state riders and fans, who either rode in the event or came to Oklahoma City to watch the event, were unable to fly home – including many who drove from Texas and were unable to drive home following the event due to impassable roads.

Not Ruf At All, the son of A Sparkling Vintage out of Lil Ruffed Up by Lil Ruf Peppy, topped the other 59 horses in the finals with a whopping 225.5 score, taking home the $165,000 first-place paycheck, which included $8,250 in nominator incentive money for Petra Zeitler Connor, plus several special sponsor awards. Prior to his NRHA Futurity win, the stallion had earned more than $31,000, which included championships at the Hollywoodstinseltown and High Roller Reining Classic Futurities. The win also moved owner Vaughn Zimmerman into the NRHA Million Dollar Owner list.

Jason got Not Ruf At All in January with Bobby Avila, Jr. riding him as a 2- year old. Tulsa was the first show for the stallion but his rider had a lot of confidence in him and rightfully so, as the pair went home with their first championship. Following his Tulsa win, Jason said, “I’ve never had a horse that can stop like he can. I know I can run down there and have something big happen!”


. . .




Not Ruf At All & Jason Vanlandingham
Win Futurity Open In Tulsa

By Press Release
September 1, 2013

The tenth anniversary edition of the Ariat Tulsa Reining Classic has shown growth in every aspect - and entry numbers in the Hollywoodstinseltown Open Futurity were up about 10 percent from last year.

Always a highlight of the week of intense reining competition, the Futurity featured 94 horses with most of the top Open riders in the industry in attendance. And when the last horse had gone, it was the draw 15 that retained the lead throughout the rest of the event. Jason Vanlandingham rode Vaughn Zimmerman's Not Ruf At All (A Sparkling Vintage X All Ruffed Up) to a score of 222.5, then had to wait it out as 79 more horses tried to best his score.

Jason laughed, "There were so many great horses, we just left for a few hours. I didn't want to root against my friends."

Jason got Not Ruf At All in January. "Bobby Avila, Jr. rode him as a 2- year old, and did a great job. Then Vaughn sent him down to me."

Tulsa was the first show for the stallion but his rider had a lot of confidence in him. "I've never had a horse that can stop like he can. I know I can run down there and have something big happen!" He'll show the horse at Las Vegas and possibly the Southwest Reining Horse Association Futurity "if everything is OK. I just want to build his confidence as we get closer to Oklahoma City."

Jason won $14,631 for the win, along with a saddle sponsored by Kyle Ranch Tack, a Lawson Trophy, Ariat Jacket, Ariat Denim Certificate plus a Gift Certificate from Santa Cruz Animal Health